Tale Of The Tape

the bios Of all your favoirte wrestlers.

  1. Andy Black
    Andy Black
    From the backstreets of Chicago Illinois, Adam had to fight and claw for food and money cause he was always the outcast and was never handed anything. He don't care who he has to go through to get to the top of the wrestling world. Now watch as Southland Championship Wrestling Fades to Black........
  2. Paradox
    Tired of all these flippy floppy new school wrestlers, Paradox arrives on the scene to cause nothing but blunt force trauma for who ever steps in the ring with him.
  3. BaneX
    SCW Pro Wrestler using his will to give sick kids hope and determination to beat cancer and other illnesses.
  4. Erik Edwards
    Erik Edwards
    Known as "The Keeper", Erik is the Manager is SCW's ownTHE ASYLUM (Brawn The Lumberjack & The Lunatic)